Event Information

Jack and Jill Race on Saturday, June 24th 2023
FHSC Jack and Jill Race
The Jack and Jill Race is for boats with two people on board.
The race will start at 1100 in Shipyard Cove.
The starting line is between the day marker off Brown Island and the mooring buoy that is approximately 200 yards to the south of the marker.
Boats that are over the line early should re-round the buoy and start again.
“Shilalagh” is the Race Committee boat.
Racers are asked to listen and communicate on VHF Channel 72 before the start and during the race.
The course will be announced 15 minutes before the start.  Because the Race Committee will be racing, precise timing horn blasts are not guaranteed.
Depending on wind conditions, the course will involve rounding of familiar local marks: Reed Rock, Low Island, Jones Island, Coast Guard Buoy.
The finish line is the same as the starting line, crossed east to west.  RACERS SHOULD RECORD THEIR FINISH TIMES (hours: minutes: seconds) AS WELL AS TIMES OF ROUNDING COURSE MARKS (in case the wind fails).  Times should be communicated to Stefan Michalowski on channel 72 or by telephone (510 990 5573).   Scoring will be via time-on-distance.
The race will end at 1800. 

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